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Dynamic Narration Expertise

Empower your journey through one-on-one coaching, immersive day-long workshops, and author-centered audiobook production services.

Audiobook Workshops

Tackle your individual

challenges in a 60-minute

guided practice session.

Casting Directors



Step out from behind the mic for an opportunity to connect with Tim and other nationally recognized experts. Hone your craft through a balance of support and challenge.


Elevate your audiobook

with Tim’s expert narration

and direction services.

Earphones Award

Award Winning Services

A classically trained bilingual stage actor committed to bridging cultural and linguistic boundaries in the world of storytelling.

The Havana Run - Fiction/Contemporary Latin CultureTIMOTHY ANDRÉS PABON
00:00 / 01:19
If We Burn - Non-Fiction/MemoirTIMOTHY ANDRÉS PABON
00:00 / 01:50
Everybody Lies - Non-Fiction/Science & TecnologyTIMOTHY ANDRÉS PABON
00:00 / 03:05
War On The Border - Non-Fiction/HistoryTIMOTHY ANDRÉS PABON
00:00 / 01:19
Against The Inquisition - Fiction/Historical FictionTIMOTHY ANDRÉS PABON
00:00 / 01:26
Poor Man's Fight - Science FictionTIMOTHY ANDRÉS PABON
00:00 / 03:12
Audiofile Magazine Review
Audiofile Magazine Review
Audiofile Magazine Review
Audiofile Magazine Review
Audiofile Magazine Review
“...his is the voice one thinks of when imagining an audiobook performance - crisply enunciated, well-paced, and sleekly professional.“

Audiofile Magazine

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